About us

The holobiont concept is a core theme across both the fundamental and translational research programs within the CMB, which are currently focused on (but not limited to) the understanding and protection of coastal marine ecosystems. Current projects within the CMB fit broadly within the following three research themes:


Microbial symbiosis in coastal habitats: ecology, evolution and function

Understanding disease in marine seaweeds: from molecular mechanisms to ecological consequences

Diversity and function of bacteria-sponge symbiosis

Understanding the role of antibiotic producing bacteria in the seaweed algal holobiont 

Interactions of bacteria and predatory eukaryotes in the marine environment

Temperature adaptation in the coral holobiont

Evolution and ecology of marine biofilms 


Global change: impact, conservation and restoration 

Ocean warming, shifts in species interactions and the tropicalisation of temperate reefs

Biogenic habitats and biodiversity

Ecology of invasive species

Restoring our underwater forests 

Impact of Biochar on microbial communities


Marine observatories: biodiversity and bio-prospecting

Coastal microbial observatories 

Kelp observing program  

Bio-prospecting marine microbial diversity for new drugs and bioactives