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Symbiodinium 1 crop
Chief Investigators:
Overview: Corals form intimate symbiotic relationships with photosynthetic microalgae called Symbiodinium. Here we are investigating the molecular drivers of thermal tolerance of the Symbiodinium symbiont. ...
Torsten Disease project
Chief Investigators:
Overview: This project investigates the mechanisms of survival and persistence of pathogens in the environment, and what impact these mechanisms have on virulence and pathogenicity in the host. Broadly, we study how the impact of...
Torsten Sponge
Chief Investigators:
Overview: Marine sponges acquire nutrients by filtering and eating bacteria from the seawater, but they also at the same time harbour a remarkable diversity of bacterial symbionts that don’t get digested. We are characterising...
Chief Investigators:
Overview: Antibiotics from natural sources are an essential part of modern medicine, however their function in the environment is poorly understood. In this project we perform manipulation experiments both at UNSW and at Sydney...